As much as we love a neutral colour palette we must admit that when it comes to bridesmaid's dresses, we think this is an aspect of your wedding where you can have fun without risking the overall design. Here are some ideas on how to achieve a unique look without compromising elegance and cohesiveness.




P A T T E R N S : For a fresh feel, play with patterns! If you’re not ready to commit to all your girls wearing a pattern, try one on just your MOH. 

MIXED HEMLINE HEIGHTS: This look lets everyone choose what works best on their body, so you bridesmaid's will thank you for that. Make sure you stick to the same colour palette and/or pattern in order to create a cohesive look. 

MISMATCHED: We love a mismatched look! Stick to two things maximum that can be different about each dress and keep the rest the same. For example, different necklines and colours but in the same fabric. Or, different fabric and necklines but in the same color. Changing more than that can start to look very confused. 


TWO PIECES: Create one killer outfit by joining two great pieces and break the tradition. After all, isn't two better than one—especially when it comes to your wedding day? 

WHITE ON WHITE: While some feel that donning white dresses makes 'maids look too much like the bride, etiquette gives the go-ahead to an all-white fashion palette. Trust us, you will stand out no matter what, it is your day and no one else's! 

OMBRE EFFECT: Basically you choose a color and then have the bridesmaids wear dresses in slightly different shades — some lighter, some darker and some in the middle so that they gradually blend into each other. 

JUMPSUITS: So insanely chic! (and if you go for white ones, we will give you the "coolest bride" award.)   

Regardless of the look you choose, the most important thing is to make sure your bridesmaids feel comfortable in their dresses. Let each bridesmaid exude her own personal style: after all, you hand-picked each and every girl for a reason! Are you getting married this summer? We would love to hear what your bridesmaids are wearing!!! 




Aranza Grant