If you know me well, you know I love Mexico, weddings and travelling. I was born in Mexico City and raised in Guanajuato (which is in the centre of the country.) It is safe to say, I know Mexico like the palm of my hand and I feel very proud of my country and what it has to offer. 

I wanted to write a blog about destination weddings in Mexico and give you a glimpse into what you could experience if you decide to get married there. As much as we love an all inclusive resort experience, there is so much more to Mexico that you need to know about (although, we are including one or two resorts because it was impossible to leave them out, you'll see why) especially if you have ever considered having a destination wedding. 

One of my dreams is to plan and design weddings in Mexico for fellow Canadian couples during the winter season, because it is no secret that the majority of couples in Canada get married during summer time and Mexico's wedding season starts mid September. Dinner under the stars,  Mariachi playing in the background and warm ocean breeze in December, anyone?

This blog post highlights some of the most beautiful venues in Mexico, wedding traditions that we have there and things such as access to inventory and flowers. There are SO many venues and things to do, this is a very small sample of things you can find but we hope its enough for you to consider Mexico as your wedding location. Grab a margarita because it is a long one! ;)  



This gorgeous boutique hotel located on the southeastern coast of Mexico, is the perfect venue for the couple looking for a modern, sophisticated and HOT celebration. With over 8 indoor venues and 7 outdoor ones; from 50 guests to up to 400, you sure wont be short of options! Did we say it is only a 15 minute drive from Cancun's international airport? 



Well, I must confess I might be bias on this one. Since I was little, I dreamed about getting married at this breathtaking place and so we booked it as soon as we got engaged. We changed our mind last minute and decided to get married in Canada at a very intimate celebration, but my heart will always belong to this majestic place. OKAY! enough with getting emotional. This gorgeous venue is perfect for those couples looking to get immersed in the real Mexican culture. It is located at one of the most culture rich cities in Mexico, not to mention it is considered a world heritage. 



An open door to history. A beautiful old "hacienda" from the XVI century, founded by Hernan Cortes in 1530. Surrounded by exuberant gardens, huge masonry walls and streams of crystalline water; this venue screams history. Newly renovated without losing any of its charm but adding all the comfort and technology for you to have the best experience. If you love a combination of old and modern with a botanical vibe, this is the perfect place for you. The design possibilities here are endless! 



I know! I am talking about Guanajuato again, but how can I not! "Callejoaneada" as we call it, is a  tradition introduced into Mexico after the arrival of the Spanish. In Guanajuato callejoneadas are popular folkloric events that are often performed by groups of student musicians and frequently referred to as estudiantinas. The routes that the callejoneadas follow vary depending on the particular event, but you can expect to tour much of the historic center of Guanajuato often accompanied by a bottle of wine or tequila. Yeah, now you like it EH? Soon to be married couples normally go on a "callejoneada" the night before their wedding accompanied by family members and close friends and go to the "Callejon del Beso" (Alley of the Kiss) which is one of Guanajuato’s narrowest alleyways, and it’s here that two people standing on opposite balconies can share a kiss. Legends tell of star-crossed lovers sharing forbidden kisses across this alleyway and today, visiting couples who share a kiss while standing on opposite sides of the alleyway can expect to enjoy many happy years together.



Los Cabos has many magnificent hotels but we are especially in love with this gem. Tucked between two scenic bluffs overlooking the Sea of Cortez, this resort offers the only private beach resort in Los Cabos. Can you imagine having cocktails in a beautiful bar with a 360. view and then having your reception on a cliff filled with candle light, surrounded by the ocean? Well, you can have it and we can make it happen! With capacity ranging from 20 to up to 150 guests, 7 venues to choose from and a direct 4 hour flight from Vancouver, this is one of the most perfect destination wedding locations! 



The possibilities are endless. Do you think we have a decent inventory in Canada, or that California's inventory is amazing (well it is hehe but Mexico is no joke!) wait till you see the gorgeous pieces some of the companies carry - We are so jealous! You can literally achieve any look you want, from classic and elegant, to themed weddings, food trucks, any type of chair and piece of furniture you ever imagined and pretty much any table top pieces you want! 



Nothing like Mexico City for luxury, elegance and entertainment. If you have never been to the country of Mexico or you have only been to resorts, I strongly encourage you to consider Mexico City as your next destination. Trust me, you are not going to regret it. From haciendas, to palaces, to some of the most modern venues in the country; Mexico City has it all. How about this stunner of a venue built in the 16th century? With capacity for up to 1000 people and 8 extra rooms for up to 200 people each that can be rented separately if you are having a more intimate celebration. Did we mention you can party until 4:00am?  DROOLING! 



One of our favourite things about getting married in Mexico is the wide variety and quantities of flowers available for weddings. With the amazing weather, you sure wont be short on anything you ever dreamed of. 



Any modern romantic couples out there? Ugh! Can you imagine having your reception at this pool bar and staying at one of those gorgeous suites?  With three venues to choose from, accommodating anywhere from 14 guests to up to 150, and open bar service in all of their packages, this hotel is perfect for those couples who love to party. Monterrey is ranked as the ninth-largest city in the nation and it is one of the wealthiest cities in Mexico and in the world. Don't forget to bring your bikini, sunscreen and sun glasses because IT'S HOT! 



One of my favourite venues of all times. I have always love cactuses and desert plants BUT only if they are surrounded by stone walls and sand. Is it too much to ask for? Well, not in Mexico! Can you see yourself getting married surrounded by a wall of massive cactuses? Heck yeah! 



As many of you know, my favourite place on earth. I get emotional talking about this city as it is very close to my heart. With its narrow cobblestone streets, leafy courtyards, fine architectural details and sumptuous interiors, San Miguel de Allende is arguably the prettiest town in Mexico. At White Events we love intimate celebrations at terraces with spectacular views and dining under the stars. San Miguel specializes in these type of venues so I wasn't able to chose just one; you can thank me later! 



What a better way to spend your first day as a married couple than at this jaw dropping boutique hotel/spa. Impeccable architecture, tasteful design and first class service are just some of the characteristics of this gold mine. 


Well, this is the end of our list, although, I wish I could keep writing things about Mexico. As you can see, this beautiful country can pretty much accommodate any wedding dream you have ever had from an elegant Colonial wedding at a stunning hacienda, to a more relaxed modern contemporary rooftop wedding, to dining under the stars 2 feet from the ocean. (Literally) Not to mention the weather is nice all year round (in most cities) with wedding season starting mid September and ending around April. 

If you are getting married and the thought of having a destination wedding has ever crossed your mind and you love what you see in this blog post, please be sure to get in touch with us. With access to over 100 preferred vendors and venues, and extensive knowledge of the culture, cities and the language; White Events will help you put together the wedding of your dreams at any location in Mexico. Current availability November - December 2017 and January - Mid March 2018. Contact us today for further details and for the names of the venues listed above.








Aranza Grant